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  • DeepVee ·
    Good day Smokey,

    I haven't frequented this site for many years, but always had respect for your opinion. I've been searching for a post you made back in the early 2000's regarding tire pressure. You had recommendations for what is realistic, particularly when empty.
    If you're still around and get this, can you give me a hint of where to look?
    Thanks a lot, Dave (DeepVee)
    mmsafd ·
    I saw a post that mentioned you had some info on replacing the pinion seal properly.
    Last year I took my 2000 Excursion 4x4 to the dealer and had the pinion seal replaced. Now the rear end is making noise. The dealer says they do not need to replace the crush sleeve when changing the pinion seal. They want to charge me $2300 to replace the ring and pinion now. I took it to the dealer assuming it would be done properly. Do you have any info from Ford or another reliable source that states the crush sleeve has to be replaced? Thanks
    wwp014h ·

    I checked my account settings, but didn't find a method to delete my account. While I still have Ford diesel p/u, I have not posted to the site in years. In light of the recent security breach, please delete the account.

    Thank you,
    saltlife ·
    Good morning
    I hope I am not imposing by messaging you but don't know where else to turn. Have a question regarding my transmission. I own a 2001 f250 7.3 CCLB 4wd 4r100 trans. I run noble 1 syn oil and gauges. Just bought new toy hauler and towed in the mountains for the first time. OD is off. Was wondering on down hill slopes if it ok to pull the trany into 2 or 1 for more braking. Up hill was fine and temps never over 200. Plan on installing a TQ lock switch but would really like your input on this.
    Thanks, Tony "salt life"
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