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General Information

Series 80
Green & Black
The Pierce-Arrow has been in the family since 1928.
It is a 7-Passenger DeLuxe Sedan with a 289-ci, 6-cylinder engine that develops 70-hp.
I bought it from my Uncle Joe's estate 10-years ago and went through all of the systems.
I rewired the car and returned all of the exterior brightwork to nickel, which is correct, as it had been redone in chrome sometime after its 1928 purchase.
The Pierce was bought by my Uncle Joe's, Uncle Joe from the President of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company (PAMCC) and he ran it through the factory to have it redone in chrome sometime before the PAMCC closed in 1938.
My Uncle Joe repainted it (BOO!) in 1990 in a color that is close to the original, but with polyurethane paint, rather than the original 7-coats of hand rubbed lacquer.
Chauncey is a fine runner with a top speed of 55-mph, caused by my having installed a Mitchell overdrive.
Before that, the top speed was 45 to 50-mph.
Obviously, it is not a speedster, but a fine city and country-road car.
1925 Pierce-Arrow Series 80 (Green & Black)


The interior is wool broadcloth, some original, some modern.
The interior door panels are original, seats are covered, as necessary, with modern material to preserve the original fabric.
I rewired the entire electrical system, save for the wiring on the interior that is hidden by door panels (dome light).
I had cast and then plated and added a dual-rear-spare tire arrangement.
The engine was rebuilt after a piston blew due to overfeeding the engine with gasoline (a borrowed carburetor at a National Meet that pumped in gas at an ungodly rate causing detonation).
The roar of the engine!



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