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  1. '84 F-150

    1984 F-150 I had 2 years ago. Had a fresh 351/C6 and no rust or dents. Sold it a few months later.
  2. My truck in April '03

    This is a picture of my beast, the 1984 F-250 that I inherited in April 2001. Other than a new injector pump, the engine's run flawlessly in the 20K or so miles that I've had her. I'll probably be buried in this truck... ;)
  3. Idea for new gauge panel layout

    If I did all of my measuring right, this will fit. The black area represents the window that the current gauge panel takes up on an '83-'86 truck. The two outermost gauges would stick out just a hair, but I think that could be dealt with...I would need the gauges to find out for sure. I don't know i
1-3 of 3 Results