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  1. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey y'all, I have a 2001 Ford F350 Crew Cab 7.3L Powerstroke. I had a brand new roof installed 5 years ago and it already rusted holes through it leaking right under the dash (driver side). Every time it rained the truck would try and start itself and kick the radio on, so I had the whole roof...
  2. 1999-2007 General Questions
    I have 2001 Ford f350 Dually with a Flat bed. I found a 2006 f350 dually long bed. Mechanic says truck once had a normal bed. Will a 2006 f350 dually bed line up with a 2001 f350 dually bed. As far as bolt pattern. Thank you
  3. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    When driving at about 65-70 mph i run about 1800-2100 rpm but sometimes when going up steep inclines the cruise will drop the trans into 3rd gear and the rpms skyrocket to 3000+ rpm. Always catches me off guard and scares the sht out of me. Is this something I should be worried about?
  4. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Good morning, Gonna try to keep this as simple as possible. About a month ago I was having an issue with my brakes. I found a bleeder seat in the rear right caliper was shot so I replaced it, bled the calipers and all was good. Then a few days later I lost my brakes completely. Only leak I...
  5. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hello all, I have a 01 7.3 with 290k on the od that I recently changed the alternator on and now it won’t start. I turn the key on nothing happens, no cranking, no noises, no lights on the dash come on or if they do they’re on for less than five seconds then turn right back off. Also just...
  6. 2001 F350

    2001 F350 out at the sand dunes
  7. My Red Rig

    My Excursion, (un-modified, other than tires, have not let him touch it.)
1-7 of 7 Results