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  1. My car in April '03

    My car in April '03

    This picture was taken in early April 2003, of my '85 300D. This car is my daily commute; she may not be as big as my truck, but she still burns #2 diesel and gets 25mpg. She's a great little car. :)
  2. Tim, Robin, and a diesel car

    Tim, Robin, and a diesel car

    This picture was actually taken a few days ago as part of a project my mom's working on. This is right outside the neighbor's house, with me, my girlfriend Robin, and my new-to-me '85 Benz 300D.
  3. My current daily driver

    My current daily driver

    This is the vehicle that I bought after selling my 6.9l E-350. It's an '85 Mercedes-Benz 300D with a 3.0l 5 cylinder turbo diesel and 4 speed auto. I love my truck, to be sure, but this car makes a great commuter as well as getting 25mpg plus :) This picture was taken before I bought the car.