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  1. passenger side of deuce engine

    Here is the passenger side of the deuces engine.Note,NO TURBO!The air horn is not OEM.The original dual trumpet was way too wimpy.Too high pitched.Buddy gave me a pair of those and I had to gut both to make one good one.Off an international truck.The horn will get painted soon.Sorry,No place on a de
  2. Driver side deuce engine

    Here is the drivers side of the deuces engine.The cans are the oil filters,you can just see one of the 2 fuel filters bottom right.Also,the big thing top left is the air compressor and the thing below it is the big old honking IP.
  3. Deuce Snorkle(AKA-Deep Water Fording kit)

    Here is a picture of my 7 ton convertable with the snorkle part of the fording kit installed.
1-4 of 4 Results