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  1. BigBear in the desert

    BigBear, 5th wheel and quad trailer in the desert out in Lucerne Valley, CA
  2. The way home

    My 'family' on the way home from the river... me, Linda and Levi
  3. Me and the wife

    Me and my wife, Linda, on the River in our Mod VP tunnel boat
  4. BigBear, 5th wheel and boat

    Truck, 5th wheel & boat at Echo Lodge, on the River, Parker, AZ
  5. Transfer case breather

    1 pint JAZ breather w/drain for the transfer case
  6. Homemade Air filter set-up

    12" conical filter with 4" inlet into 4" x 3" elbow to the turbo
  7. Fuel Filter & Holley Red P ump

    Fuel Filter W/Water Sep. combo and Holly Red Pump mounted on the frame
  8. Alum. deep sump trans pan

    Hughes performance deep sump C6 trans pan, -6 SS trans lines w/temp sender on return side
  9. GearVendors overdrive

    GearVendors overdrive bolted to the transfer case.
  10. Trans cooler with fan

    Perma Cool Trans cooler with fan mounted underneath front bumper.
  11. Fuel return line set-up

    SS Braided fuel return lines
  12. Water treatment set-up

    The water treatment set-up mounted where the fuel filter used to be.
  13. BigBear's New 7.3

    Picture of the new 7.3 with Banks turbo.
  14. BigBear's Gauges

    Gauges are Pyro, Boost, Water temp., Volts, Oil press., Trans. the left is GearVendors selector switch.
  15. BigBear's Dash

  16. BigBear

    Front view - BigBear
1-16 of 16 Results