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99.5 f350

  1. Boootifull Sunset

    Boootifull Sunset

    Had a great time here near the Cali/Oregon border..had to spend two nights here it was so nice...windy as hell tho
  2. The Bridge at the cabin

    The Bridge at the cabin

    This is the old bridge we have to cross to get the last 100 feet to the cabin, which is just behind the trees on the right. The Dually barely fits between the rub rails on the POS...gets interesting in the winter with 2 feet of snow!
  3. Two cord of wood and some toys

    Two cord of wood and some toys

    Towed this 2 cord of wood on the last trip to the cabin in the 99.5...was too heavy to cross the 3 ton bridge ...had to unload into the truck in multiple trips...bleh
  4. Last trip in the 99.5 F350

    Last trip in the 99.5 F350

    Gonna miss this old workhorse..99.5 F350 4x4 dually crew cab 7.3 6sp xlt cps in 150k...that's it ..nuthin else ever failed.
  5. Easy way to unlaod!

    Easy way to unlaod!

    back it up till she wont go no more...then the snowmobiles come off easy!...winter at the cabin in Montana!
  6. hmmm..where is everyone??

    hmmm..where is everyone??

    hehe this is in front of the wreck of the New Carissa..Oregon Dunes ORV area...I accidentally ended up on the beach =P....took 3 hours to find a way off!