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  1. AIC


  2. AIC install

    AIC install

    AIC in the dash
  3. AIC install

    AIC install

    AIC mounted in the dash
  4. Burlwood AIC

    Burlwood AIC

    AIC Cover in burlwood & Real carbon Fiber
  5. $12 AIC Controls

    $12 AIC Controls

    $12 AIC Control and Indicator. The knob controls on/off and idle range. The green LED provides on/off indication. The red LED is for the alarm.
  6. AIC relocation

    AIC relocation

    AIC relocation bracket sold by
  7. APCM (AIC) w/o PTO

    APCM (AIC) w/o PTO

    Auxiliary idle controller without PTO with LCD
  8. AIC


  9. Factory AIC

    Factory AIC

    This im AIC and Home Made Bracket