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  1. My '97 Replacement Truck for my Wrecked Green '97 Truck

    Here's my replacement truck for my other wrecked truck. Photo was purposely taken while the truck was dirty, to show how it's normally gonna look.....
  2. My Truck on the fourth of July, 2003

    Here it is without the running boards. To me, it looks a little "cleaner", and I like it better this way. You can see the 4" exhaust outlet, and the PullRite trailer hitch, if ya look closely.
  3. A clean truck photo!!

    Finally, a clean truck pic!! It pulled a float with Pearl Harbor Survivors in a parade in Hillsboro, OR today. The PullRite hitch is hangin' out the back there....
  4. Bedded Buck

    Once you learn the secrets of where the bucks bed down for the day, deer hunting becomes much easier.....
  5. Hangin' with some Buddies at the Park

    You KNOW you're a great stalker when you can do this.....
1-5 of 5 Results