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  1. '05 F350 w/38' Formula

    '05 F350 w/38'Formula
  2. My former office

    These are two of the boats owned by the company that I used to work at. I worked as a deckhand on launch boats, transporting crews to and from ships or construction sites. Occasionally I work on tugs as well. The two boats pictured are 65' launches. The boat in the foreground has two Detroit Series
  3. Loading a marine 6-71 into a trailer pulled by my truck

    This picture was taken in March 2002. I'm in the green sweater at the front; my girlfriend Robin is in the blue windbreaker in the foreground. The 6-71 with Allison marine tranny that we're loading into the trailer came out of a 40' Admiral's Gig, and had the oil pan and engine and tranny main seals
1-3 of 3 Results