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body work 1990 7.3

  1. Truck71


    80-86 box on a 1990. Box was stripped to bare metal, epoxy primed, and sprayed with 2k urethane primer surfacer.
  2. Truck6


    Drivers side all done ready for paint. The box is off an 80-86 truck. The box had zero rust on the ribs and floor, so it was well worth repairing.
  3. Truck5


    I found a good used box side from an 80-86 F-150. It was an aftermarket piece that was held on by 6 spot welds on the truck in the scrap yard. I had to weld on a new bottom corner because some rust had started to poke through.
  4. Truck4


    Inner boxside before being cleaned up and epoxy primed.
  5. Truck3


    Inner box side sandblasted and epoxy primered, ready for new box side to be spot welded on.
  6. Truck2


  7. Truck11


    Box side off, prepping for new panel.