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brakesmart in cubby

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  1. BrakeSmart in Cubby - Protection

    You slide the controller in from the back side through the hole behind the trash bag hook. I put electrical tape all over the front of the controller and the opening of the cubby so nothing got scratched up.
  2. BrakeSmart in Cubby - Snap Hole and Flex Cuts

    The tabs on the controller snap into the square hole. The slots help make the cubby flexible enough to snap it in. Butchered, but all covered up when done.
  3. BrakeSmart in Cubby - Don't flinch

    Is this any way to treat a two week old truck???
  4. BrakeSmart in Cubby - Wider View

    Don't set it in so deep that you can't work the brake button.
  5. BrakeSmart in Cubby - Done

    I like the black better than the tan. It matches the rest of the dash inserts better.
1-5 of 5 Results