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  1. CCV mod help 2

    CCV mod help 2

  2. CCV mod help

    CCV mod help

  3. CCV mod

    CCV mod

    CCV turned around and hose attached. 4" diameter pipe replaces the stock CCV plastic injector pipe
  4. CCV pipe

    CCV pipe

    Replaced plastic CCV vent piece with 3 1/2" piece of 4 inch alumnized exhaust pipe.
  5. CCV 2

    CCV 2

    This is the piece that the CCV vents into with an oily film. It will be replaced with a 3 1/2" piece of 4" aluminized exhaust.
  6. CCV o-rings

    CCV o-rings

    These are the large replacement O-rings I found at Sears. Size 34, 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 x 1/8.