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  1. Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    Hey there everyone, Just bought a '97 F-350 7.3L that had a ZF5 swap done on it. Truck drove fine for the first week, and then a fuel restriction sensor leak caused the friction plate to get soaked in fuel and let go. Replaced the clutch with a LUK SMF setup, brand new from RockAuto. Upon first...
  2. Truck and Van Partouts
    Conducted an engine rebuild of a 97 7.3 w/ 178,000 miles and have a lot of good engine parts for sale. All parts are OEM unless brand is specified, and were in good working order when removed. $1050 for everything, or as listed below for individual items. Email me with any offers or requests for...
    $1,050 USD
  3. Power Strokes 1994-1997 Upgrades and Aftermarket
    I’m installing a new southbend clutch and flywheel. Wondering if the shim that came of the back of my old flywheel (picture attached) needs to be reinstalled or if the new flywheel mates directly to the crank. I’m unsure if what came off the old flywheel is a shim from being resurfaced or just a...
  4. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    I have a 99 F350 7.3 powerstroke manual 5 speed. The truck runs fine with no issues, except....when i get in and run the truck clutch pedal is fine no issues at all. Will run fine for 30 minutes to an hour. After this time, i dont if the temps heat up or its the usage, but the clutch will...
  5. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel from the pressure plate inside the bell housing
1-8 of 8 Results