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  1. Coolant Filter

    Coolant Filter kit from
  2. Return T

    this is where i Teed into the heater return hose for the coolant filter
  3. coolant filter

    coolant fiter plumbed with braided hoses
  4. coolant filter

    coolant filter plumbed with braided hoses
  5. Coolant filter base

    Coolant filter base showing one shut-off valve. Mounted under the truck on the frame under the driver's door.
  6. Coolant Filter

    Coolant Filter from Bob Riley.
  7. Coolant Filter #3

    And another
  8. Coolant Filter #2

    Another shot of coolant filter
  9. Coolant Filter

    International coolant filter head mounted on the fuel filter bracket
  10. Heater Hose Routing

    Yet another Mickey-Mouse drawing from me. :) This is a bad diagram of how I'm thinking on routing my heater hoses when I install a coolant filter and a heater core shutoff valve on my 6.9l. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
  11. Coolant Filter

    1st filter run in the truck
  12. Coolant Filter and PS

    Coolant filter mount and filter. PSC power steering pump and remote reservoir.
  13. Coolant Filter Assbly

    Copper piped the coolant filter up to the engine bay, added valves to shut of filter during changes.
  14. Contaminants filtered by the coolant filter

    Contaminants collected in the coolant filter, about one teaspoon in total. Note how the filter medium appears to be collapsing, and the amount of sludge on the filter medium itself. I could scrape it off with my finger, suggesting it definately was something circulating in the coolant.
  15. Top veiw of coolant filter

    Coolant filter from hood looking down.
  16. coolant filter and bracket I made

    Coolant filter and bracket that I fabricated. All the parts were bought at Napa.
  17. NAPA Coolant Filter

    NAPA Coolant Filter and Base. Currently using a filter with no additive pre-charge (Ive got plenty of FW-16 on hand)
  18. Coolant Filter

    This is the Coolant Filter I just installed. Painted it Gold since the 'system' ended up costing so much.
1-20 of 22 Results