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  1. 7.3L IDI Diesels (Not Powerstrokes) 1988-1993
    I have an 7.3 idi that has a rising oil level and recently started seeing bubbles on the dipstick, thought it may have been diesel from a bad injector but it seems more likely now its coolant. Any thoughts on which it might be?
  2. 6.4L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2008 f250 6.4, and at high boost 30-40 psi I get coolant coming out of the reservoir cap, egr is deleted and coolers removed, also did a combustion leak test twice and it came back clean both times, no white smoke, and no coolant in the oil, reservoir cap has been replaced. Any insight...
  3. 6.4L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    Looking for some help trying to find out what you call this hose so I can order one online or at one of my local parts stores. Ford thinks they know but they are not sure as they don't have one in stock to confirm and their diagrams seem hard to read and so they aren't sure they are looking at...
  4. Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    Hello, I have a 95 f350 with 7.3 and I am losing 2-3 gallons every 200-300 miles. It's not leaking anywhere I can see, it is not smoking out the tailpipe (except one thick cloud at startup after sitting all night), and I have not fuel in coolant (that I can tell) and no coolant in the oil...
  5. Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    Hey guys, I am new to the 7.3 world and need a little help with my 96 f250 7.3. I bough the truck with 164,000 original miles on it, all stock. A couple of days later I was driving through town and the heater core cracked, sprayed a coolant mist all over the inside of the cab. I immediately shut...
  6. 1999-2007 General Questions
    We first noticed steam coming through the defrost vents and a coolant smell so we did a heater core bypass and there’s still steam coming through the defrost vents. What’s going on? Where could the steam be coming from?
  7. Contaminants filtered by the coolant filter

    Contaminants collected in the coolant filter, about one teaspoon in total. Note how the filter medium appears to be collapsing, and the amount of sludge on the filter medium itself. I could scrape it off with my finger, suggesting it definately was something circulating in the coolant.
  8. Coolant Filter Setup

    Coolant Filter Setup. NAPA part # 4071 filter and MACK coolant filter base. Home made bracket.
1-8 of 8 Results