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  1. Ford 650/750 Medium Duties
    I purchased a 2007 F650 service truck with maintainer service crane. Drove it 2000k miles from VA to MT. No issues. Then the ignition starts acting weird and won’t start the truck. Starter relay can be jumped to start and runs fine but I have an ABS light. Occasionally started then just...
  2. Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    With the clean diesel era now in full swing,enthusiasts are beginning to embraceemissions-compliant performance. After all,most of us don’t want to blatantly void thewarranty on our $80,000 trucks, or go tearinginto a brand-new vehicle. Thankfully, fearsof trashing the diesel particulate filter...
  3. IDI in Tow

    Blown motor in IDI being towed by brothers 05 Cummins
  4. Blown Motor

    My brothers Cummins pulling my IDI with my old cummins parked next to it.
  5. Truck Front

    Front of truck, with big (too big) front bumper..
  6. Truck_side

    My truck from the side, outside of my humble abode :-D
1-6 of 6 Results