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  1. Deer Xing

    Deer Xing

  2. Missy's buck

    Missy's buck

    My daughters buck in our 96 F250 PSD 4X4
  3. 17 Point Deer Nontypical

    17 Point Deer Nontypical

    Here is a picture of a 17 point non-typical Missouri deer taken late in the Bow Season. B&C scored just over 170
  4. Deer1


    Estimated her weight at about 100 pounds. Good enough a healthy start at restocking the freezer.
  5. First Deer with Bow

    First Deer with Bow

    Shot her at 1830 hours. Didn't get complete pass-thru, but it was a good lung/heart shot. Taken with PSE WhiteTail Extreme and 3 blade Muzzy 100 grain broadhead.