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  1. My other Brothers truck

    2006 Dodge 3500.
  2. Our trucks

    My 05 duramax, the fiances truck, and her before work in the morning
  3. Truck Rear

    Rear of the truck, already removed those embarrasing lights, next comes the dog, and paint it and the box black. Dent on lower left hand bumper, x girlfriend.. And previous owner put that crooked bumper on there, soon to be replaced too...
  4. Truck Front

    Front of truck, with big (too big) front bumper..
  5. 4x4 frame clearance - Dodge

    This picture was taken by another board member and was originally linked ot a post. The other picture (similar except of a Chevy) was taken for comparison purposes. There was another picture, of a Ford, but I don't have it for some reason. :(
1-5 of 5 Results