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  1. 1992 swapped 97 ps trans issues

    Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    so I have a 92 with a 97 ps in it. E40d auto I'm having transmission issues super slow acceleration and random shifting. Sometimes upshifts while going up a hill. Some times will down shiftat the top of a hill. Going down the road with consistent pedal it down and up shifts randomly. Not...
  2. All back together

    All back together

    All back together, looks fun huh. More pics in my sig.
  3. E4OD pump

    E4OD pump

    This is what the insides of the pump looks like,I had to open it up to add the springs that came with my hd-2 shift kit.
  4. More of gutted tranny

    More of gutted tranny

  5. Gutted tranny

    Gutted tranny

  6. Exploded view

    Exploded view

    exploded view of tranny guts