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  1. Brawn and fuel economy

    2008 F-350 XLT (14 mpg) and 2008 Ford Focus SES (32 MPG).
  2. My Toys

    Right after my BMW had its off track experience and my F-350 behind it.
  3. 2005 F-350

    New Truck At Home
  4. Look good when their clean!

    52 Degrees, Mud dried up, finally a wash day!
  5. F-350 Wash Day, Finally

    52 Degrees, Mud dried up, finally a wash day!
  6. Front quarter after "X" spring install

    Front quarter shot after "X" spring install
  7. Side shot after "X" spring install

    Side shot of my F-350 After the "X" spring install
  8. My Truck

    Pulling high school band trailer
  9. Side

  10. F-350

    Crummy in the Woods
  11. My Truck

    The Truck im restoring
  12. 99 ford dually powerstroke

    This is My Dad's new truck he got it august 2002 I'll get some more pics soon.
  13. the truck

    It has a new 400M engine with a 4 speed and a dana 60. It only needs a new carb
1-20 of 26 Results