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  1. the truck

    It has a new 400M engine with a 4 speed and a dana 60. It only needs a new carb
  2. Front end of F-350

    Needs new hood and the fenders need body work
  3. rusty bed off 81 ford

    bought a new bed need to goe to the metal shop for new fender wells
  4. My 81 Ford F-350 project

    It is a cab and chasis with a narrow rearend and a regular pickup bed
  5. Just An Old Truck?

    This is my '97 F-350 with the 7.3L Powerstroke. I've had it for two years and here's what I've done: Line-X bedliner, 45 gal Fuel & Tool box (total capacity - 83 gal), PowerShot 2000 with 19.3 gal tank, dual CB antennas, Blaupunkt custom stereo system, increased tires to 235/85 R16, PacBrake, Ba
  6. F-350 with Avion

    TXiceman's F-350 with Avion 5th wheel.
  7. 97 F-350 CC DRW for TXiceman

    TXiceman F-350 Regency
21-27 of 27 Results