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  1. Bad leak from back of engine!!!

    99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys. I have a 2000 f250 with 280k. Just put a new kc300x and new pedestal in with new o rings. Now when I start it, it runs for about 2 min then a steady stream of oil from the passenger side of the back of the engine. Didn’t do it before I replaced turbo? I’m gonna guess I pinched a o...
  2. 6.4 powerstroke clunking noise

    6.4L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    My 08 6.4 powerstroke started making strange noises. It started out when I was pulling a trailer with a small load on it it sounded like someone running a stick through a chainlink fence making clinging noises. Then when I got home to drop my trailer off the truck barely pulled up the road. As I...
  3. Rattling louder than usual at idle.

    99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys. Need some help here. I have an 02 F250. Truck runs and drives fine. Seems to be rattling louder than usual at idle. Goes away when the accelerator is pushed. Any ideas where to start?
  4. 2008 Ford F250 powerstroke 6.4 liter

    6.4L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    I recently bought a Ford F250 6.4 liter diesel power stroke when i turn it over it barks a little then you here a bit of a squeal. However it still wont start, I'm a little worried that it might need a new set of valves/ lifters. If you steadily crank it over it smells like burning wires. Anyone...
  5. (Help) White Rogers 586-902 GPR install

    99 & up Upgrades and Aftermarket - 7.3L Engine
    Good afternoon everyone. I’m working on my new diesel 2002 f250 7.3. Nothing is wrong with the old gpr. I just can’t leave well enough alone. so I decided to put in the white Rogers gpr 596-902. I read online at it’s wasn’t too hard so I replace my old with the new and start...
  6. 2002 f250 7.3

    1999-2007 General Questions
    I'm just trying to get some thoughts and comments about a 2002 f250 7.3 4x2. I'm looking at one with 126000 miles really good shape from what I can see and I'm gonna have it looked at by a ford dealership before I buy it. But I'm pretty new to the diesel world never had one would be my first I...
  7. 1999 f250 starts well then idles high and rough after ~20 seconds

    99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    I recently bought a '99 f250 superduty with the 7.3, 210k miles. Replaced the glowplugs after moving it to a colder environment and not being able to start without plugging it in. Ran great for the 400 miles I drove it after purchase, the after replacing the glow plugs it doesn't. It starts...
  8. 2003 F250 6.0 P0403 EGR Control Circuit

    6.0L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    I have an '03 6.0L that I just finished doing some routine maintenance to (Oil, fuel filters, etc.) First problem: I took the EGR valve off to clean and reinstall, but the bottom half of the valve broke off and was stuck in the engine. By stuck, I mean the packings/soot was holding it in place...
  9. F250 water leak coming from under steering wheel

    2017 & Up General Questions
    I got a 2017 F250 lariat, and I have a leak coming from under the steering wheel when it rains. Has anyone had any issue similar to this? Window was replaced 6 months ago but the leak just started. Someone told me it could possibly be the sunroof? Never heard of such but throwing it out there.
  10. 08 f250 locking hub won't budge

    2008- 2010 General Questions
    Hello everyone, I bought a used 08 F250 with 89k miles. It's my first full sized truck actually. The driver side 4x4 auto locking hub won't come out. Everything I found says just remove the three screws and pull it out but it will not come out. I can kind of rock it back and forth maybe an...
  11. All Truck Nationals Carlisle, PA

    All Truck Nationals Carlisle, PA

  12. Flexing A Little

    Flexing A Little

  13. Blacked Out

    Blacked Out

  14. My Truck

    My Truck

  15. TNT Dyno

    TNT Dyno

  16. King of the hill!

    King of the hill!

    Playing around on my sisters rock pile! These trucks are big!
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  19. "The Beast"

    "The Beast"

  20. '03 F250 7.3L PSD w '01 24ft Nash Gooseneck

    '03 F250 7.3L PSD w '01 24ft Nash Gooseneck

    Stock F250 XCab, Grey CPS, 209kmiles, 13.1 avg mpg pulling the 2001 Nash 24' Gooseneck model 235A. Various pictures at: http://pic