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  1. 2017 & Up General Questions
    Ok so I’m looking into buying a 20,300lb track hoe (excavator) and normally will have a 2,500ish pound attachment. Making it 22,800. The new trailer will weight about 8,000ish I believe. Will my 17 F350 with 4.10s be enough or will I have to get a 450? I’ve seen a few on YouTube towing the same...
  2. 6.0L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey guys so I’m new to this page but I was having some serious trouble with my work Rig which is a 2007 a f450 6.0. I bought it from a car lot with 150,000 miles and when I bought it had really low power but it was only push and 3 pounds of boost so I thought it would be an easy fix well I...
  3. 2008- 2010 General Questions
    Hey there, I was looking on the forum for information about swapping a DTA466 into an F450 or F550 and couldn't find much information about it. I know it's possible on older models with a little bit of work and finagling, but I know I heard somewhere that the F450 in 2008 increase the engine...
  4. Drive home

    Drive home from Bakersfield, after pivking up the completed truck and body. Truck now drives better
  5. rear view

  6. Das Tank f450 front springs

    after install F450 front. Already had ORU shackle rev.
  7. 99 F450

    His 99 F450.
  8. F450 Front

    6 Piece Grill Insert set. Cowl Induction Hood. Xneon Air Dam. Awsome sight in a rice burners rear view mirror.
  9. Left / Rear F450

    Stock Bumper and Bed Fit nice. Powder coated rims with beauty rings and center caps.
  10. 80 Hours Later It's Great!

    It took 80 + Hours but you Can make a Stock bed and Bumper Fit an F450. If you have Big Enough Ones.
1-10 of 10 Results