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  1. General Diesel
    I have a 04 5.9 and I tried to do an oil change today. After I was finished I started up the truck and it was pouring oil out of the filter. I lost about an gallon of oil in probably a minute, as soon as I started it up. What did I do wrong? I am thinking it might the filter that I bought?
  2. h2o filter

    h2o filter
  3. h2o filter

    h2o filter
  4. h2o filter

    h2o filter
  5. filter

    Way toooo expensive!!
  6. 6-gallon bucket filter

    5 micron bag filter setup on 6 gallon bucket lid
  7. Coolant Filter Setup

    Coolant Filter Setup. NAPA part # 4071 filter and MACK coolant filter base. Home made bracket.
1-7 of 7 Results