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  1. 1995 7.3l Ford Welding truck

    Inherited this 95 super duty from my father after it sat for 2+years with a bad hpop. Replaced the hpop, and it ran ok. Since I've done the following: -rebuilt all 8 injectors -rebuilt the turbo with wicked wheel -egbp valve delete -replaced bed with flatbed (heavily modified) the flatbed was...
  2. Trucks and Vans For Sale
    It's a 2005 Ford F-350 single cab 4 by 4 with a 6.0 automatic flatbed it has lots of new parts donate it still don't run transmission I put all 7 solenoids in it new EGR oil cooler i PR lots of new parts still not running I'm not a diesel mechanic can't figure it out I can't figure it out I'll...
    $4,500 USD
  3. the removed flatbed

    The removed flatbed. It took a lot of work to get that thing off, it weighed about 700lbs. Took three guys, a bobcat, and a lot of cinder blocks.
  4. 2002 F350

    Just a shot of my truck & trailer at the C4 ranch
1-4 of 4 Results