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  1. Trucks and Vans For Sale
    Truck started cutting out going down the road thought maybe low fuel nursed to gas station put $20 diesel in it finally got it to BARELY RUN missing and sputtered home . Passenger bank pins at valve covers had 2 burnt bought new w/connectors spliced in messed with it for a week I'm over it GREAT...
  2. E-Series Vans
    Hello. So i have the option to buy a decommissioned EMS ambulance, it is a 2002 E350 van with a 7.3L 445CI V8 Turbo Diesel but it has 359,000.00 miles on the motor. The owner says "it has had regular routine service and maintenance every 5k miles" . I asked for maintenance paperwork on the fluid...
1-3 of 3 Results