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  1. Valve removed from filter housing

    Shows valve removed from filter housing. O-rings form gasket sealing valve body to housing and also seal ports in stem.
  2. O-rings removed

    Shows drain valve with o-rings (-202 size or 1/4" ID x 1/8" thick nominal) removed and valve in closed position.
  3. Valve in open position

    Shows drain valve with stem turned to the open position
  4. Valve turned 180 deg from open

    To remove valve stem, turn 180 deg from open position and pull out
  5. Stem partially removed from valve

    Flats on valve balls have to be aligned with mating surface to pull stem out.
  6. Stem with o-ring removed

    Stem removed from valve body and top sealing o-ring (-013 size) removed
  7. Drain Valve showing vent hole in stem

    Shows hole in center of valve stem for venting. Fuel runs out lower port and air comes thru center of stem and upper port into filter housing.
1-8 of 8 Results