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fuel tank

  1. 6.7L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    I've read through the various articles about vibrations but most are very old and hoping there may be some fresh thinking now to help me figure this out as it driving me crazy..... I purchased a 2015 F-350 6.7 1.5 years ago and had a problem with the the LPFP making all kinds of noise, after a...
  2. fuel tank

    fuel tank

    05SD 38 gallon fuel tank
  3. Return and Pick up Mod

    Return and Pick up Mod

    sender fully modified and ready for the tank
  4. Sender float Mod

    Sender float Mod

    This shows the new float wire made from a coat hanger it is about 6 inches longer
  5. Sender Before Mod

    Sender Before Mod

    Sender before the changes
  6. Installation Kit

    Installation Kit

    All the parts of the kit
  7. 38 Gallon Tank

    38 Gallon Tank

    Side view of tank
  8. 38 Gallon Tank

    38 Gallon Tank

    38 Gallon Rear tank (front)
  9. Front Tank Connections

    Front Tank Connections