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  1. 2001 F350

    2001 F350 out at the sand dunes
  2. Gauges

    Cobalt Under Dash
  3. Gauges

    AutoMeter Cobalt
  4. Gauges

    Underdash Mounting
  5. A-Pillar & Gauges

    A-Pillar with ISSPRO EV Pyrometer (pre-turbo), EV Boost/Vacuum, and Black Ice Outside Air Temperature gauges. The vacuum portion was to monitor vacuum pump, but never implemented.
  6. Lunar Series Triple A Pillar Daytime

    Lunar Series Triple A Pillar Daytime
  7. Gauges

    Gauges on the dash
  8. Gauges II

    Driver's view of gauges on dash. Notice un-obstructed view and handy when looking at CD player/radio.
  9. Gauges

    Autometer Z-Series Pyro, Boost, & Trans. Temp in Torq-Line pod.
  10. Gauges

    Autometer Phantom 2 1/16", Trans, Oil Press., Water Temp.
  11. Gauges

    3" Westach and Ford AIC
1-13 of 13 Results