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  1. 05 6.0 power loss at full throttle/highway speeds and intermittent misfire.

    6.0L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    First post on any forum besides Facebook groups. I have a 2005 f250 270k on body 70k on long block motor. I’ve fought no start hot problems before but this one is new to me. Truck will start fine cold and all that Jazz, it will drive around town no problem, but once I get to highway speeds and...
  2. Navistar water pump conversion

    99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys, the water pump in my 2000 7.3 went out last week, I decided to go with the IH Navistar water pump from Riffraff as a replacement, Also grabbed a 203 degree thermostat from Napa. Before I get started on it just wanted to figure out the Torque specs for this Navistar setup. Any input and...