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  1. 1994 7.3l hard starting in 40 degree weather

    Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    My truck won't want to turn over without me plugging it in in 40-degree weather. This is an issue considering it gets a lot colder out. It burns blue smoke once its started but as soon as its warm and I'm driving it doesn't smoke.
  2. Radiata Logs

    Radiata Logs

    Radiata (Monterey) Pine Logs on the Gooseneck behind Stacks
  3. No Motor

    No Motor

    Between Motors
  4. Removing Motor

    Removing Motor

    Grill and other pieces removed, motor still in
  5. IDI in Tow

    IDI in Tow

    Blown motor in IDI being towed by brothers 05 Cummins
  6. Blown Motor

    Blown Motor

    My brothers Cummins pulling my IDI with my old cummins parked next to it.
  7. F350 on 42's

    F350 on 42's

    My truck before the Michelin Radials
  8. Idea for new gauge panel layout

    Idea for new gauge panel layout

    If I did all of my measuring right, this will fit. The black area represents the window that the current gauge panel takes up on an '83-'86 truck. The two outermost gauges would stick out just a hair, but I think that could be dealt with...I would need the gauges to find out for sure. I don't know i