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  1. Interior removed

    Interior removed
  2. Interior removed

    Interior removed
  3. Pass. Side Interior

    Showing the torn up rubber floor near shifter boot-evil packrats! The seat cover is in the process of replacement-the seat underneath is like new.
  4. D. Side Interior

    Steering wheel, gauge cluster and dash.
  5. The Interior Needs Work!

    Do you like the old tires for a seat? No plastic, no floor mats, and a big mother-truckin battery in the passenger side floor. Looking nice eh?
  6. Inside Cab

    This is a shot of my interior, I think there is a drivers seat in there somewhere!?
  7. FL60 Drivers side

    Options: Cruise, intermitant wipers, retarder, air ride rear, cab, seats. Drop bed, A/C, etc.
1-8 of 8 Results