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  1. My old jeep stuck.

    My old jeep stuck.

    1 jeep + 2 retards + lift kit + overbuilt motor - 1 broken driveshaft = 1 afternoon of walking
  2. My thirsty old V10.

    My thirsty old V10.

    My old F-350 V10 that got a wonderful 8 MPG.. wonder why I got rid of it? My lab's name is hunter.
  3. Expensive Habits

    Expensive Habits

    Would it not be cheeper to do drugs or something.... my habits are expensive. My 2000 F-250 lariat and my Stratos 282DC bass boat.
  4. Rooster Tails

    Rooster Tails

    More mud.
  5. My new baby

    My new baby

    My new PSD
  6. My F150

    My F150

    My baby... I sold her