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  1. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Truck had a miss at idle and 40 to 55 mph. After uvch, idm hutch mod and new batteries i went with new injectors from bitteroot. Got them installed with new bolts dry torqued to 120in lbs. Installed a frx and hpx. New glow plugs were installed right after spinning the engine over to clear any...
  2. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys so I just bought a 2000 7.3 about 5 days ago for 20k it only has 146k on it I’ve been getting on it a little hard the past 2 days and it started a slight knock that now is a loud knock I can seem to figure out what it is. I asked a couple people and they said could be a fuel knock from a...
1-2 of 2 Results