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  1. LED Taillights

    LED Taillights

    The type 3157 LED Tower II 20-LED taillight bulbs ablaze, showing the full coverage of the stock housings and a stock look. The nice thing is the instant-on brake light/turn signal operation. Now I have to get some ambers for the front signal lights -- the stock bulbs look like they're lagging behin
  2. LED Cargo Lights

    LED Cargo Lights

    Just the SuperWhite 906/921 LED Tower cargo lights. No yellow tinge (unlike the dome light visible through the back window!).
  3. Cargo Light and CHMSL

    Cargo Light and CHMSL

    The SuperWhite type 906/921 cargo light bulbs along with the red 906/921 CHMSL, all lit up. The cargo bulbs aren't really as bright as the incandescents, but they should be reliable and don't have that yellow tinge.


    Type 906/921 LED Tower CHMSL lit up. Note the full coverage of the housing -- the stock look is what I was going for, but with instant-on and long life from the LEDs.
  5. LED Brake Lights

    LED Brake Lights

    Pic of the brake lights with the 3157 Tower II LED bulbs and the 906/921 LED Tower CHMSL bulb lit.