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manual transmission

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  1. Items Wanted
    In Search of a 96 97 F-250 7.3L Crew Cab Short Bed Manual Looking for a pretty rare truck, just posting on here to see if anyone has one or know someone that does. No rust buckets or junk. Would consider a auto if decent miles. Willing to travel, have cash in hand.
  2. Close up shot of Center Console with Manual Trans.

    Here's maybe a better (closer) shot of the console.
  3. Interior shot from Drivers side door

    Here's what can be done Fella's on the 2008 6.4: Was only able to build a cab and chassis and get the 40/20/40 bench seat in the Lariat trim??? I took a chanch and purchased the center console on eBay, found one with exactly the same Medium Stone color. It was a lot LESS than Ford wanted! They said
1-3 of 3 Results