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  1. san antonio 05-04

    02 malibu wakesetter on lake san antonio central cali
  2. wheel

    20x10 weld evo velocity xt on truxs a/t 15/39.5x20's
  3. kodiak step

    kodiak step up. got to love how they tuck up. no big ol nerf bars
  4. kodiak step

    kodiak step down
  5. big red

    front view 2
  6. rear view

    18 inch drop hitch so i can pull my 02 malibu wakesetter and dirt bike trailer
  7. finshed truck

    10.5 edge lift with weld evo velocity xt 20x10 and truxs a/t 15x39.5x20
  8. parts on the lawn

    every wifes dream. brand new truck scattered all over the front yard
  9. spindle swap

    doing the cross over swap almost done
  10. front end

    another shot
  11. front end

    another front end shot
  12. front end

    installed front drop down bracket for leaf springs. ready to install leafs
  13. big red

    rear done 10.5 edge lift with 20x10 weld evo velocity and truxs a/t 39.5x20
1-13 of 13 Results