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  1. 97 f-350 blow by concern. How much to fix this?

    Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    I found a nice 97 crew cab that I’m interested in but the video the owner sent me was concerning. The truck turned a bit before starting and looks like a lot of blow by coming out the oil cap. Enough to push it to the side. If it’s an issue, how much would it cost to repair something like that...
  2. Best config for towing? 97 CCSB F250 vs 96 CCLB F350

    Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    Hi, this is gonna be my first OBS and PSD. I’m mainly using it as a daily driver and to tow my 10k boat. I live in Hawaii so the drives are at most 25 miles one way. Ride comfort isn’t an issue for me I’m mainly looking at cost of maintenance and ability to safely pull my boat. With that said...
  3. OBS Service Manual

    Power Strokes 1994-1997 General
    Hello, I am new to the forum and a new owner to a CCLB 1997 4X4 OBS 7.3. It needs some work and I have ideas on where I want to take the vehicle, being that it is a late nineties vehicle I would not think it would be too hard to find service manuals. However, I am seeing it is a challenge! I was...