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oil leak

  1. 2000 7.3l f250 superduty xl all crank no start i think this truck is going to cost me my sanity

    99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Ive recently bought a 7.3l superduty, i love these trucks i used to run one as a plow truck when i worked landscaping and fell absolutely in love with it. Recently got an opportunity to buy one at a pretty good price things only got 180k on it so i jump on it runs perfectly for about a month...
  2. Powermax Turbo Issue

    Powermax Turbo Issue

    You can see the oil leaking from the center section of the clamp...
  3. Garrett Powermax Turbo

    Garrett Powermax Turbo

    Brand New Garrett Powermax turbo leaking oil and making a mess.
  4. New Exhuast with turbo leaking oil

    New Exhuast with turbo leaking oil

  5. bolt leak

    bolt leak

    you can see the dye in the rims of the protective wiring cover and see the wet black bolt and the other is dry
  6. Oil leak-3

    Oil leak-3