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  1. Air Scoop 8

    This shows how much of the Air Scoop is exposed to incoming air.
  2. Air Scoop 7

    I added some screen to keep birds and other critters from makin' a home in there and messin' up that expensive K&N filter.
  3. Air Scoop 6

    This is just a shot from above.
  4. Air Scoop 5

    This shows Air Scoop attached with a small metal plate. The Air Scoop is also screwed to the jointed elbow shown in Air Scoop 1 photo.
  5. Air Scoop 4

    This shows where the new Air Scoop will go in.
  6. Air Scoop 3

    This is the hole I cut next to the radiator. I sure love that P/C Tiger Saw with a long blade!
  7. Air Scoop 2

    That funny lookin' guy holding the 'new scoop' is none other than BajaGringo, eek!
  8. Air Scoop 1

    My oldest son, Randy, found these laying around in the shop, so...
1-8 of 8 Results