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  1. 1999-2007 General Questions
    Anyone have any insights on a loose shifter? I can hardly feel the difference between each position (P,N,D, etc) I checked the torx bracket under the dash and it ain't loose. I can disconnect the linkage at the tranny and manually move the metal lever on the transmission. It clicks real well...
  2. 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain
    Hoping to get some insight on what my issues might be. Bought a early 99 7.3 with trans issues. Vehicle will not upshift into 2nd gear electronically but does manually. Im not a trans tech but work on fords everyday so I checked codes and have 2nd gear incorrect ratio. Fluid is full and clean...

    This page outlines the pump modification to increase line pressure to the converter. Start with step A and finish with step E. Notes indicate the changes that dial this in to the late model 4R100 converter.

    Instructions for installing and drilling the calibration plate to adjust shift firmness.
1-4 of 4 Results