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  1. 6.9L IDI Diesels (Not Powerstrokes) 1983-1987
    I bought this truck a year ago and a half ago. I have changed almost everything in the engine compartment related to starting, fuel, seals, belts and hoses. I am having a problem while driving where she cavitates and dies. There is a strong metal on metal smell from the engine compartment (she...
  2. RacingWebster with Stacks!

    RacingWebster with Stacks!

    You know you want an Excursion with stacks! I DO!!! ;)
  3. reving the motor

    reving the motor

    For Sale
  4. 95 Crewcab with fuel!

    95 Crewcab with fuel!

    Dead stop to full throttle(no brake stands).
  5. Blowin Black

    Blowin Black

    God I Hate Dodge
  6. pipe


    5in. pipe
  7. Winter Smoke 2

    Winter Smoke 2

  8. Winter Smoke 1

    Winter Smoke 1

  9. Winter Smoke

    Winter Smoke

  10. April smoke 4

    April smoke 4

  11. April smoke 3

    April smoke 3

  12. April smoke 2

    April smoke 2

  13. April smoke 1

    April smoke 1

  14. 2003 f-250 (on the edge)

    2003 f-250 (on the edge)

    2003 f-250 (on the "EDGE")
  15. old school power

    old school power

    1995 f-350
  16. smokin


    Smokin after pullin out of the pole barn
  17. Startin To Smoke

    Startin To Smoke

    Just startin to take off