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  1. 89 F-250

    89 F-250

    my tow rig
  2. 89 F-250

    89 F-250

  3. 6"  stainless stacks

    6" stainless stacks

    2000 F350 powerstroke 6 inch 316 stainless stacks, Ts Performance 140 horse flip chip stacked with a predator 100 horse programmer, AFE intake, Banks turbo with the big head wastegate, 4.5 inch lift with resivor shocks, Mickey Thompson MTZ tires
  4. Radiata Logs

    Radiata Logs

    Radiata (Monterey) Pine Logs on the Gooseneck behind Stacks
  5. Dually side

    Dually side

  6. 1997 powerstroke

    1997 powerstroke

    little pooof
  7. stacks


  8. 1997 f-250

    1997 f-250

    her she is. I know i need new rims! will get to that after the power.
  9. stacks 2

    stacks 2

    my friends and i go for the simi look
  10. Smoking Stacks

    Smoking Stacks

    Full bore smoking stacks
  11. Stacks


    91 Cummins - New Stacks
  12. hole thru the bed!

    hole thru the bed!

    ouch,,, a hole thru the bed
  13. stacks side view

    stacks side view

    Truck with stacks, and the wheels and rear bumper painted flat black.
  14. stacks


  15. Y pipe for stacks

    Y pipe for stacks

    Y pipe for stacks in the bed
  16. stacks


  17. The 'ol Stroker

    The 'ol Stroker

    2000 f-350 dually 4x4 6sp two 5" stacks chip, icp. mod. lights and oh yea more lights!
  18. stacks


    4" stacks
  19. stacks