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  1. 1999-2007 General Questions
    I have an 01 F350 7.3. My radio and both Power points stopped working. I have checked all the fuses and theyre good. Everything else inside works so probably not BCM(?)
  2. stereo, touch screen, navigation

    new dual stereo with navigation, sd card reader, cd/dvd, bluetooth, backup camera, ipod control and a lot of other stuff i haven't figured out how to run yet
  3. stereo

  4. Sony Deck

    New deck installed in dash.
  5. New wire harness

    This is the adapter harness to connect the Sony deck to the factory stereo wiring.
  6. Factory Deck

    The factory deck with the small screwdrivers used to remove it, 2 shown I used 4 total.
  7. Factory Amp - bottom

    This is the view of the amp you will see under the dash.
  8. Factory Amp

    Factory Amp removed from truck.
  9. Extra Adapters

    Adapters included but not needed.
  10. Dash opening

    This is the dash opening where the factory CD deck used to be. New deck install sleeve installed.
1-10 of 10 Results