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  1. marker and rear light bar

    new marker light and rear light bar that will be getting wired up hhrecovery style.
  2. New marker lights

    soon to be put on marker lights
  3. marker lights

    current marker lights
  4. About Me

    Gotta love photoshop!! Here is a photo that I made up for a backdrop on my computer. If you look I even scanned the shifter knob from the truck and put it in just under the wrench at the top. As for the wrench I just thought it added a nice touch!
  5. Areena at a show

    Here is my daughter again at a show earlier this season.
  6. Areena

    Here is my little girl Areena now a year and half old.
  7. Areena and I riding Jet

    This is Areena at 14months and I riding my horse 'Jet Moore Bailey' better known as "Jet".
  8. Gotta love baby Einstein movies

    Here is Areena at 9.5 months watching a Baby Einstein movie. She is obviously really starting to like those things.
  9. Avatar(new)

  10. Truck with New tires

    This is a picture of my wife standing in front of the truck taking off the Grill Gaurd. She is 5'2" just for references.
  11. Riding a wheelie

    This was taken at Congress. That is my sister in-law driving and my wife riding, and of course me adding a little leverage.
  12. The family

    Here we are enjoying our first night in our new trailer. Yes I am eating again!
  13. My daughter riding our dog!

    This is my 3 1/2 month old daughter (Areena) riding our dog (dixie). And that is my wife that is helping a little. Life is treating me great!!!
1-13 of 13 Results