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  1. 89 7.3l IDI w/turbo

    7.3L IDI Diesels (Not Powerstrokes) 1988-1993
    I bought this truck used and had an issue when I was pulling my trailer and came to a stop. The engine slowed down and stopped. I was able to restart the motor and could finish my errand, but it felt on the verge the whole time.. I had noticed the boost gage at <1psi of boost. Since then, I have...
  2. Injector upgrade

    Upgrades and Aftermarket - 6.0L Engine
    I've got an 07 f250 and looking to swap injectors to either 155/30 or 175/30. My question is what difference does it make having the stock output or 30% at either size injector. Im also getting a kc stage 2 turbo (hence the reason for injector upgrade). Which upgrade will benefit me more for all...
  3. Turbo cleaned no start

    6.0L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain
    First post on this site sorry if this is a repeat but cant find an answer to my issue Bought a 10 blade turbine wheel from KC turbos and decided to install it myself, cleaned all the vanes and ring as well. While it was out I decided to check IPR valve and replace my EOT sensor and IAT sensor...
  4. Powermax Turbo Issue

    Powermax Turbo Issue

    You can see the oil leaking from the center section of the clamp...
  5. Garrett Powermax Turbo

    Garrett Powermax Turbo

    Brand New Garrett Powermax turbo leaking oil and making a mess.
  6. New Exhuast with turbo leaking oil

    New Exhuast with turbo leaking oil

  7. Turbo Knob

    Turbo Knob

    Some deterioration around the knob on the end of the turbo. Fan looks good and no dust ever present in the intake. Normal?
  8. GT42 turbo

    GT42 turbo

    ballbearing 2200$!!
  9. bearings


    the two pieces that wear. the thrust bearing into the thrust collar.
  10. truboassembley


    the blades pull the assembley to the drivers side and if it strong enough it wears the bearing in the previous photo
  11. thrust bearings

    thrust bearings

    these are the cause of failure in your turbo
  12. Twin turbo kit for 7.3 Powerstroke

    Twin turbo kit for 7.3 Powerstroke

    Another mock up photo of twin turbos for the 7.3 Powerstroke.
  13. Twins for Powerstroke

    Twins for Powerstroke

    mock up photo's for 7.3 Powerstroke
  14. Turbo Sticker

    Turbo Sticker

  15. turbo


  16. Basic Turbo Operation

    Basic Turbo Operation

    Basic operation of the turbo on a 2002 PSD.
  17. Hot Turbo

    Hot Turbo

    Allowing your EGT's to get too high, can produce this effect!
  18. turbo


    this is the exhaust side with the shaft and wheel installed. there are four bolts that attach this to the center section. If you are totally disasembling the turbo i found it easier to remove the ebv housing, remove the intake wheel and the four bolts that hold the intake housing to the center sect
  19. turbo


    this is the cold side with the wheel installed.
  20. turbo


    these are the four bolts that hold the cold side to the center section once you remove the wheel you can access them.