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  1. E-Series Vans
    On my 7.3 turbo diesel van when the throttle is blipped the RPMs hang before idling down. I have multiple 7.3 trucks and another 7.3 van and none of them get hung up like this one. Any ideas would be awesome
  2. E-Series Vans
    Hey all, newbie to the forum but I do have Ford Truck history and am learning the 6.0 vans are detuned mostly for heat issues. My question is - anybody tow with their van? I am concerned the detuned 6.0 will not be able to handle towing my 9k pound camper, without at least a tuner and mods...
  3. 1999-2007 General Questions
    Hello I am new to this forum page to I'm not quite sure how to go about asking questions but, I had just recently bought a 2002 7.3 turbo diesel van for really cheap that is in good condition that I am going to turn into a moto van for my dirt bikes that I can sleep in if I need to. I was just...
  4. E-Series Vans
    Hello. So i have the option to buy a decommissioned EMS ambulance, it is a 2002 E350 van with a 7.3L 445CI V8 Turbo Diesel but it has 359,000.00 miles on the motor. The owner says "it has had regular routine service and maintenance every 5k miles" . I asked for maintenance paperwork on the fluid...
  5. Meet in Lancaster, CA in July 2001

    See 4dieselFords1.jpg for info; this is the same truck line-up taken from another angle.
  6. Meet in Lancaster, CA in July 2001

    Myself and two other members met up for lunch last July. This is a picture of the 4 trucks together (a friend drove my van). From left to right: 1986 F-350 crewcab dualie 2WD with turbo, propane, overdrive, and lots of other goodies, owned by Monte 1984 E-350 conversion van, stock drivetrain
1-6 of 6 Results