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  1. IMG_3436__Medium_

    Utrla high tech shade tree bracket
  2. IMG_3433__Medium_

    Recycled altered stock bracket
  3. IMG_3432__Medium_

    Another view of the Ultra High Tech Part-Recycled Hybrid Bracket
  4. IMG_3431__Medium_

    Yet another view or the rear
  5. IMG_3430__Medium_

    Finished. Note: PB Blaster stain on chassis (had thought about moving bracket)
  6. IMG_3429__Medium_

    Rotate the s pipe and cut the straight pipe, measure twice of course. :>)
  7. IMG_3428__Medium_

    POS, handy for bracket recycling though
  8. IMG_3427__Medium_

    Not bad to get off, but a b____ to get back on the straight piece after the cutting. A ball peen and also an oxygen bottle cap helped
  9. IMG_3426__Medium_

    Walker BTM from NAPA #21470 $50.89 Notice welds, see other pix for guts
  10. IMG_3425__Medium_

    Inlet Look a secret chamber down there!
  11. IMG_3423__Medium_

    Outlet better look at the secret chamber
1-16 of 16 Results